healthy child.  In order to participate in the program your child
must receive health screenings and follow-up services.  Health
and developmental your child to appointments. It is important
for you to keep appointments and be on time. If you need help
with scheduling an appointment, please talk to your Family
Advocate or Center Director.  Your Family Advocate will work
with you to develop a relationship with the doctor and dentist
of your choice.  She or he will be available to help you get the
needed health services for your child. Please notify your
Family Advocate of the dates of appointments.  She or he can
assist you with transportation to appointments and/or
babysitting if she or he knows in advance about your needs.
See the Parent Health Guide section of this handbook for
complete information about required screenings; when to
keep your child home from school due to illness; scheduling
health appointments; and choosing health providers.