Good mental health for a child and his family is important for success in
school and life. RCCDC programs help families and children to feel good
about themselves, develop healthy relationships, manage daily stress, and
solve problems. Mental health classroom activities provide quiet times and
active times. They provide materials and opportunities for each child to
explore, experiment, create, and question. The classroom is planned to
provide opportunities to get along with others and make friends. This is an
important part of creating positive mental health for your child.

Many children have seen or experienced fighting, violence, crime, drug or
alcohol addiction, physical abuse, neglect, or homelessness. These
experiences affect the mental health of children. Our program can help
children cope with unhappy and stressful events, and can help families
during times of need or crisis.

You are welcome to talk to your Family Advocate, Teacher, Center
Director, or our Mental Health Specialist about any mental health problems
or concerns at any time during the year. Mental health counseling and
referrals are available for children and families.
 Mental Health