The program provides foods that help meet your child's daily
nutritional needs by serving healthy breakfasts, lunches, and
snacks.  Children and adults participate in family style meals
served in the classrooms. Meals are part of education in our
program. Children are encouraged, but never forced, to eat all
the foods on the daily menu. We do not give candy to the
children as a treat, reward, or part of any meal.  The monthly
newsletter includes the menu for all meals to be served during
the month.

Classroom and kitchen volunteers eat lunch free of charge, if
they sign in by 9:30 AM.  Other volunteers can purchase meal
tickets from the Center Director.

Our program schedule does not allow time for individual birthday
parties. On the last Wednesday of each month, the program
provides a birthday cake for all children whose birthdays were in
that month. If you wish to help with the birthday activity, contact
your child's teacher.  Those children with summer birthdays
when the center is closed celebrate their birthdays in May.  

Nutrition counseling is available to parents or guardians to
assist with any concerns we might find or that you have about
your child or family’s eating habits, weight problems, or other
nutrition issues.