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November Nutrition

All Head Start and Early Head Start Centers are accepting applications for children to be placed on the wait list. Head Start requires that we maintain a wait list at all times. Children are selected from the wait list for enrollment as an opening is available. The wait list is based on need rather than first come, first served.

Regina Coeli is beginning the new school year with expansion of Early Head Start in Greensburg, Amite, Ponchatoula and Hammond. The Ponchatoula center will provide services for 24 children from 7:30 – 2:30 and it is expected to open soon.The Hammond Early Head Start will open when the building is renovated which should be by January, 2018.

Contact the nearest center for more information.


November's best: Potatoes

Aren’t spuds splendid? Cheap, fat-free, bursting with vitamins and minerals, unbelievably versatile and a national favourite. Bet you didn’t know they were at their best in November?
Our quick and tasty tip:
Try making olive oil mash by adding to your potatoes before mashing with a tablespoon of butter and plenty of black pepper. Excellent with grilled fish and chicken.


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