In-Kind and Fund Raising

Head Start provides 80% of the funds needed to operate the program. The program is required to provide the remaining 20% through donations of money, services, volunteer time, products, and discounts. You will hear a lot of talk about “raising in-kind” during the year at your school.

We will never charge you a fee for the program but we can value the time that you and your family or neighbors volunteer to help your child and teacher at the center or at events to help match the grant. There are definite rules and guidelines for in-kind and fund raising. Your Center Manager will give you a packet of information with the rules and forms for documenting your volunteer time and services.

Some examples of “IN-KIND” are:

  • Reading to your child
  • Time spent and miles traveled to doctors and dentists.
  • Time spent with Home Visitor
  • Time spent and miles traveled to the center for meetings, volunteering in the classroom, kitchen, office, field trips, or custodian/grounds work.
  • Consultants: Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Principal, Early Intervention Teacher, Adaptive P.E. Teacher, etc.)
  • Miles traveled to center
  • Travel time to center

There are other examples so feel free to ask!

Remember: consultants are contracted with RCCDC at discounted rates.

IMPORTANT - Turn in all “IN-KIND” to the Center Director Manager at the end of the month so she/he can enter all volunteers into PROMIS. The CMA will then send your entire center’s “IN-KIND” to the Accounting Department by the fifth of the following month. Do not hold and turn in several months at once or wait until the end of the fiscal year. We need your “IN-KIND” today!