Mental Health Services

Mental health and wellness for children is important for success in school and life. RCCDC programs help children feel good about themselves, develop healthy relationships, manage daily stress and solve problems. Mental health classroom activities provide children with the social and emotional skills they will need throughout the life span. RCCDC staff provide materials and opportunities for each child to explore, experiment, create, question and make sense of the world around them. The classroom structure provides children opportunities to play and work together, make friends and practice social interaction skills. This is an important part of creating mental health and wellness for your child.

It is if utmost importance to address the mental health and wellbeing of families as well. Many children and their family members have seen or experienced violence, crime, drug or alcohol addiction, abuse, neglect and/or homelessness. These experiences can significantly and negatively affect the mental health and wellbeing of the family unit. Our programs can provide both children and families with the necessary skills to help them cope with adverse and stressful events, as well as assist families during times of need or crisis.

RCCDC contracts with mental health and counseling agencies within our community; and provides referrals for both children and their family members for these beneficial services.