Health Services

Nurses with presentationA child who does not feel well cannot learn as much as a healthy child. Health and developmental screenings are an important requirement for your child. If concerns are found follow-up treatment is equally important.

It is vital for you to keep appointments, be on time and go with your child to appointments. If you need help with scheduling an appointment, please talk to your Family Advocate or Center Director. Your Family Advocate will help you to develop a relationship with the doctor and dentist of your choice.

Please notify your Family Advocate of appointment dates for your child. The Parent Health Guide section of the parent handbook has more complete information about required screenings; when to keep your child home from school due to illness; scheduling health appointments; and choosing health providers.

H002 Physical Exam Form 9-12-18

Physical form 0-3yrs 6-1-18

H005 DENTAL FORM 3-1-17

H006 Health History ENG 5-1-11

H007 Asthma Information Form-Eng 5-1-11

H008 Seizure Information Form-eng  5-1-11

Individualized Health Care Plan 7-28-18

RCCDC Asthma Action Plan 7-28-18

RCCDC Seizure Health Action Plan 7-28-18

Special Diet and Allergy Action Plan 7-28-18